How it Works:

Bulk flower boxes have 10 available slots each. Flowers in Group A occupy one slot each. Flowers in   Group B occupy two slots each. Choose flowers from Group A or Group B, or a combination of both to fill all 10 slots in your bulk order box. All boxes must have all ten slots filled before you can checkout. You can build as many bulk order flower boxes as you want! 10 slots fills a quarter box, 20 slots fills a half box, you can even fill 30, 40 or more slots.

Since each bulk order box has 10 available slots, you can build your custom box numerous ways. For example, you could choose 6 flowers from Group A (6 slots) and 2 flowers from Group B (2 x 2 = 4 slots), which would fill all 10 slots in your first bulk order box. Alternatively, you could choose 0 flowers from  Group A and 5 flowers from Group B (2 x 5 = 10 slots) to fill all 10 slots.

A slot counter will show up in the bottom right corner of your screen once you add a bulk flower item to your cart. Click on this slot counter while browsing the bulk flower options to see how close you are to filling up your next bulk box.

Group A Flowers - Each fill one slot

Group B Flowers - Each fill two slots

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